About us

Foshan Nanhai YASA Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the company from the simple transformation for processing production, supply and marketing integration enterprises. The company has a number of invention patents, has many years of operating brand - love ran LOVE NATURE, has a high reputation in the world. The company is located in the beautiful international metropolis - Guangzhou garden.

Foshan Nanhai YASA Sanitary Ware Co., a set of whole bathroom production, R & D, sales and installation in one of the large-scale integrated enterprise. It has many years of experience in the integration of various parts of the whole kitchen and bathroom, such as saloon cars, yachts, houses, villas, villas, hotels, hospitals, clubs and so on. The people have the courage to reform, others do not. Especially in the shower room design, material innovation has done very high realm. Imported acrylic replacement toughened glass company, create unparalleled luxury, environmental protection, safety never burstshower rooms!

Over the years, the bathroom with French International Limited cooperation, and vigorously support and help in the China Building Materials Academy, developed a set of advanced acrylic shower production process and product structure and innovation for the entire sanitary sector opens up a precedent. In June 28, 2008, the company invited by the People's Republic of China Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, participated in the revision of industry standard "People's Republic of China residential building whole kitchen" and "residential whole bathroom".

The people 'people, others first "business philosophy, the company's products with its unique advantage, won the domestic and foreign users more and more, and won praise from the sound of A. The people are not satisfied, and started a new round of product development, is currently developing a cellular acrylic sheet, this product after the advent of not only to subvert the shower room, have a tremendous impact on the curtain wall, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, cabinets, doors and windows. Acrylic toughened glass is only a matter of time!

The company has such achievements, is inseparable from the efforts of all staff. All employees know in their hearts: only constant innovation, in order to ensure that enterprises have a strong life!

Love --- taste European life, enjoy safe, healthy and happy love!